Photography can be uncomfortable. We make it fun and you love your photos… It is that simple!

High School Seniors

  • Ballet Fine Art Photography in Shevlin Park. Bend, OregonBallet Fine Art Photography in Shevlin Park. Bend, Oregon
    I have been a part of so many fun photo projects this last year, and I have met so many wonderful people here in Bend. 2017 however, is shaping up to be amazing! This was a wonderful day for a photo shoot and I got to spend it with an amazing group of ladies. They ...

Boudoir Studio

For the Military Wife — Why Boudoir Images Matter

Some of my most frequent clients are military wives. At first, it took me a second to figure out why this was a trend, but then it all hit me. If you’re a military wife, then consider these six reasons why a boudoir session is a great idea: It reminds your partner how beautiful and sexy you are every time they look at the images.  It can help foster emotional intimacy in your relationship even though you are miles apart from each other. Remember, it’s not just the images, but the fact that you took the time to do something like this for your partner.  It keeps your physical connection alive, which is one of the most difficult parts of having a partner leave home for a long period of time. I’ve had some clients write sexy notes with (or even on the back of) their images!  It gives your partner something tangible to hold onto when they are away for long stretches of time. They may not always have easy access to the internet or electronic devices, but they do get to have physical belongings with them.  It’s an opportunity for you to do something for yourself, as
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Why I Chose to Empower Women Via Boudoir Photography

Some people become doctors, teachers, or politicians, some throw themselves into the world of finance or sales, and some run full steam into the sciences. These practical jobs have their place on this Earth and I’m grateful to every single person who chooses any of the aforementioned career paths (and all the ones I didn’t name). I’ll be the first to admit that boudoir photography isn’t exactly “practical,” and that it might even be misunderstood by some. But there’s one thing I know from personal experience doing this work: it changes lives.  It’s no secret that women, specifically, face a brutal and judgmental world. One filled with marketing images of airbrushed “perfection,” and marketing ploys to become “better” through diet, supplements, gym memberships, and more. Baring all in
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