Listen moms, we know the challenges of getting everyone to look in the same direction, at the same time with the same perfect smile. When it does happen, it feels like capturing a unicorn!

But why are we searching for such an elusive image? I say, let kids be kids!

Let’s stop worrying about capturing perfection, but instead look for LIFE!

We all know what they say about the best laid plans…

The cutest outfits, the ideal location and the perfect weather are no match for the feelings and emotions of a child! Luckily, Maria was a preschool teacher, and this is her specialty! She finds a way to make these moments beautiful and when you see the pictures, you won’t remember the stress of the situation.

You have the opportunity to see the attitudes in a new light. To see the strength and will of your little one. To capture the raw emotions and the authentic sibling interactions.

So, we will find this….

But we’ll also capture these everyday pictures that further show the life of your family!

Let us help to capture all the moments of your family! Contact us to schedule your session today!

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