Skip Social Media Before Your Boudoir Photography Session

I get what you’re doing running off to Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to look through boudoir images before your upcoming session. You’re looking for inspiration, posing examples, and maybe even trying to pump yourself up for the shoot. But you know how searching your health symptoms on Google can leave you feeling overwhelmed and convinced […]

Why I Chose to Empower Women Via Boudoir Photography

Erotic boudoir photography is often misunderstood. But there’s one thing I know from personal experience doing this work: it changes lives.  Women face a brutal and judgmental world. Baring all in front of the camera may seem like a way to highlight every self-perceived flaw women are taught to believe about themselves. I’m here to […]

Why Having Boudoir Pictures of Your Wife is Amazing

In my experience as a boudoir photographer, I’ve run into three different kinds of partners: the type that is over-the-moon gung-ho about having erotic Boudoir photographs of their wife, the type who is highly resistant to the idea, and the type that isn’t quite sure what to make of it. If you fall into the […]

Why Do You Charge So Much for Boudoir Photography?

As a boudoir photographer, I often get asked why I charge so much for boudoir photography. It’s a fair question, and we all have similar thoughts any time we’re about to spend a decent chunk of change on anything. I figured I’d take the time to explain why I charge what I do and what […]

What’s Boudoir Photography? I’ll Explain.

You may have heard of boudoir photography in passing or seen it on reality TV shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but you’re still not quite sure what the term means. What is boudoir photography? Is it something anyone can do, or do you need to be female? We’ll answer all those questions and […]

Come Join My VIP Boudoir Club

You will get a chance to ask questions from our clients about the boudoir photography experience. I thought I’d take a moment to give you the lowdown on my VIP Boudoir club because I get a lot of queries about it. The members of my VIP Boudoir club have experienced boudoir photography in the past […]

Should You Purchase a Boudoir Book or Album?

It’s a big thing to do a boudoir photography session. If you’re like many of my other clients, you probably debated having a session for a while before deciding to go forward with it, which undoubtedly gave you a few butterflies. I am also aware that the entire procedure requires an investment of your time, […]

Erotic Boudoir Session to Reward Yourself For Reaching a Milestone

You have successfully reached a significant milestone in your life and want to celebrate by doing something just for YOU! Why you should treat yourself with a boudoir shoot: 1.   BECAUSE YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE A boudoir photography session is a wonderful way to acknowledge and honor your hard work and to celebrate your […]

For the Military Wife — Why Sexy Boudoir Photography

I have photographed many military wives who have improved their self-esteem, come to love themselves more, and feel more empowered. Consider these six benefits of booking a sexy boudoir photography shoot if you’re a military spouse: Boudoir Encourages a Strong Self-Image The way we interact with others and the environment is influenced by our beliefs […]

Loving Your Curves During a Boudoir Session

We’re often asked, “should I bother with an erotic boudoir photography session if I’m plus-sized or curvy?” This is an understandable question because the media and advertisements are constantly projecting “ideal” images onto women. Our response is, “Yes! Yes you should!” We honor every body type. Every unique body is beautiful. We encourage women to […]