Boudoir FAQ Answered:

What type of lingerie should I buy for my session?

It is honestly a very personal choice. Start by choosing your favorite color! You want to make sure whatever you buy fits you comfortably, not too tight and not too baggy. If you have areas that you most certainly want to cover, such as your stomach, try high-waists, corsets, or a gown! If you’re going to simply break the ice, bring a button down. This is one way to warm up in front of the camera. Want a boost in your chest? Find a supportive bra and panties to match. The options are endless. Have fun shopping!

Does my age or size matter?

Beauty comes in all ages and sizes. We welcome thick, thin, young, and old. We encourage you to have this opportunity to experience self-love.

Is being stressed normal? How can I calm myself down?

Absolutely! Almost everyone is nervous when they decide to do this type of shoot. It is totally expected. My goal is to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere during your session. Let’s turn on your playlist and jam out to your favorite music!

Bridal Boudoir

You have probably racked your brain with several photographers for your big day. But have you thought about doing a boudoir shoot as a special treat for your spouse? This is a special time in your life. You want to capture and remember these beautiful moments forever. Let the walls down and bring your significant another closer to you. Besides, you will have a blast doing it. This doesn’t have to be a gift for anything, either. One current trend is a bridal party boudoir session! It is all about female empowerment and lifting each other up in this crazy thing we call life!

Love Your Body

You don’t need to look like a magazine cover or a centerfold. You are beautiful just the way you are. When you come to my studio, you will be glammed up to your liking. Natural, Hollywood glam, vintage, you name it. Let our team take over and cater to you. Take a day away from home, find a sitter for your kids, and just relax. This is all about you. 

Referral Program

Did you know I have a referral program for boudoir sessions? When you refer a friend, and they schedule with us, you will receive $50 product/session credit. Yes, you read that right! Take this as my way of saying thank you.

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