Choosing an outfit for your Boudoir Session

A boudoir session encourages confidence and a healthy sense of self. But choosing the ideal outfit for your boudoir photography might feel like it would take a lot of work. I’ve put some advice together on how to select a boudoir outfit to help you look and feel fantastic in your boudoir photography.

It’s crucial to select various clothing styles, accessories, and colors that allow you to express yourself while planning a boudoir outfit. You ought to think about whether the fashions fit your personality. When choosing your boudoir outfits, strike a balance between comfort, sexuality, and your particular style.

For your first boudoir shoot, you will most likely have many questions. So that you may have the finest photographic experience possible, I’m going to walk you through the wardrobe-choosing process. 

Here are some tips on how to select your outfit for your boudoir photography:


It’s crucial to pick a variety of options while planning a boudoir outfit. First and foremost, while choosing to clothe for a boudoir shoot, consider your body type or personality. Wearing clothes that flatter you doesn’t always imply covering up your flaws; sometimes, it just means bringing out your most remarkable qualities. Wear halter or deep-V dresses, for instance, to draw attention to your collarbones. Choose substantial necklaces to draw emphasis to your torso or center. Pick fabrics like satin and lace, which appear luxuriously smooth but are also attractive on most body types.

Choose items, colors, and accessories that encourage self-expression.


The clothing change is one of the enjoyable aspects of boudoir photography. You can choose between wearing a two-piece suit and a jersey shirt at any time. This enables you to have a varied collection of boudoir pictures that would appear excellent in prints and digital albums.

Here is an example of a typical diversified boudoir wardrobe to give you an idea:

  • One-piece set: vintage slip, bodysuit, shapewear, or nightgown.
  • Two-piece set: Corset and underwear, bralette and stockings, high-waisted skirt and bra, or camisole and hipster underwear.
  • Cover-up: a sizable coat, shawl, cardigan, off-the-shoulder top, or kimono
  • Something you enjoy: such as a lace wedding gown, a set of lingerie from your partner, or an oversized college sweater


The standard colors for boudoir shoots are black and white. You can stick to these hues, especially if you enjoy dressing in your favorite shade.

  • Choose your favorite colors and the colors that complement your skin tone and hair color.
  • Use pastels to give clothing a softer feel. 
  • Choose bold colors or jewel tones like electric blue and emerald green.

Have fun with color and experiment with something you may not normally wear.


In some cases, you may choose to go barefoot. But Shoes may complete your outfit and lengthen your legs. What’s important is that the shoes offer color or personality to your ensemble, whether you desire something basic or antique.

Black platform heels or dazzling pumps are good places to start. Thigh-high boots go well with strappy attire as well. Nude heels are an additional choice and typically go nicely with colored underwear.

In addition, remember to make a statement with accessories. It could be vintage jewelry, a cherished family object, or anything shiny. The most popular ones are headgear, fishnets, long necklaces, belts, and pearls.


The majority of adult women have an unfavorable perception of their bodies. 

Boost your confidence by choosing boudoir attire that makes you look and feel amazing. If you don’t feel comfortable showing too much skin, you can choose an off-the-shoulder tee, a fitted shirt, or a high-slit dress.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer wearing casual clothing or modest attire; what matters is that you express yourself freely. You should be able to wear your clothes with confidence by having them reflect who you are. The goal of boudoir photography is to let your body and yourself do as you please without being constrained by the rules of everyday life. Do not let anyone’s judgment or insecurity make you feel uncomfortable while you express yourself and your sexuality.

A boudoir photoshoot allows you to be your favorite version of yourself and go all out with outrageous, sensual clothing in place of the typical shots one would take in a photographic studio.

Here are a few last-minute tips to help you prepare for your boudoir photography clothing.

Choose outfits that accurately reflect your sexual expression. It’s not just about femininity in a boudoir shoot; you are free to mix in a few boyish or androgynous looks. You do you!

Remember that sometimes, less really is more. Some of the stunning boudoir photographs feature the subject’s body concealed only by a bedsheet, pillow, or accessories. In addition, you can do this to create implied nude photos without revealing more skin than you’d like.

Avoid using busy patterns or neon hues. 

Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight since it may not be comfortable and can create strange lines.

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