Come Join My VIP Boudoir Club

You will get a chance to ask questions from our clients about the boudoir photography experience.

I thought I’d take a moment to give you the lowdown on my VIP Boudoir club because I get a lot of queries about it. The members of my VIP Boudoir club have experienced boudoir photography in the past or are interested in a boudoir session in the future. This is a private, closed group and is a secure place where you may exchange encouraging words or pictures, collaborate with other women and ask questions.

You can ask our clients about our services.

I share images from my boudoir photography sessions for others to see in this VIP group (only with permission, of course!). The best part is that this turns into a positivity fest in the comments section on each image! I also use this group to post upcoming mini-session dates, share specials, and get feedback on my studio’s new ideas regarding locations, props, products, and editing styles.

You will get to know everything about Casa Bay Photography

 I occasionally share Live workshops, Facebook Lives, and live editing videos too. The nicest aspect is that you find out about everything before the rest of the world does.

Let’s encourage each other.

If you have the chance to speak with any of my clients, they will undoubtedly inspire you with their positive outlook. They’ll give you more courage to partake in this seductive boudoir photography. You can also get advice on what to dress and how to apply your cosmetics.

Bring some positive change in your life.

We all lead demanding lifestyles, and frequently we forget to take care of ourselves and do what we want. We constantly put ourselves last in order to meet the demands of others, even though we don’t get anything back in kind. Why then should we disregard our body, which is a great supporter of us and hides our inner scars?

It’s free to join my VIP Boudoir club, all I ask is that you bring your best attitude to join in on the fun and support other women.

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