Tips for Embracing Your Curves in Boudoir Photos

Boudoir photography is a type of photography that focuses on seductive, private photos that are captured in a bedroom, studio, or tranquil outdoor setting. Many women have the misconception that boudoir photography is only for thin “model types,” however boudoir photography is for women of all sizes.

Here are the tips to rock your sexy and curvy boudoir photography session.


We love fitted clothing that enhances your curves! Lace bodysuits with sleeves are easily purchased online if you’re looking for something a little less constricting and more covered. Fortunately, a boudoir is beautiful because there are no rules; if you want something a bit more low-key, you have options.

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that, when you wear them, instantly make you feel more confident? Bring these with you to your photo shoot! 

Boudoir photography has no restrictions. Just wear what you want to wear, and slay your sexy curves because they are beautiful.


ARMS UP. Posing with the arms raised enhances the natural curves and creates a balanced picture in plus-size boudoir photos. Additionally, it will draw the viewer’s focus to the face.

FULL FRONTAL. Boudoir photography is all about empowering yourself, and a wonderful way to convey this is to stand proud and confidently in front of the camera. It’s not always necessary to turn your back on the camera in order to highlight your best features; turning your head is also a terrific pose. Maintain a straight posture and make sure your shoulders are down. You can cross your legs or place your hands on your hips to draw attention to your waist.

LAYING ON YOUR BACK. This is a traditional boudoir photography posture. It is necessary for the camera to be pointing down at the plus-size model; this can be done from either a high angle from the side or from the top. You have the opportunity to display your full figure with this. Play with the angles to create an S shape to make this posture more attractive for curvy boudoir photography. You may accomplish this by crossing one leg over the other and turning your head in the other direction.

Any plus-size model will appear great if you raise the arm, which will help lengthen the body.

By adjusting the clothing or accessories, you can alter the tone of the image to make it sexier, naughtier, more feminine, playful, etc. Facial expression is essential for this.

ON THE SIDE. Being on your side has a comparable influence on the body form to the laying stance. This stance creates a lovely curve by popping the hip and narrowing the waist.

SITTING ON A COUCH. Boudoir photography doesn’t always have to be done in the bedroom; it can also be done while sitting and lying down.

ARCHING YOUR BACK. Arching your back is a terrific method to emphasize the booty, especially if the picture is taken from the side. It makes no difference if you are seated, standing, kneeling, or lying on your stomach. This easy pose change might give a curvier appearance, which is important for curvy boudoir pictures.

LOOKING OVER THE SHOULDER. To add some variation to your plus-size boudoir photography, reach your arm and hand back toward the camera. 

POP THE HIP. The weight should always be on one leg when performing standing positions. This gives mobility to the other leg to bend a little and look more natural while allowing the hip to pop and emphasize the natural curves.  


Every woman is lovely. Everybody is an individual work of art with its own set of curves and proportions. It is the responsibility of the boudoir photographer to make each woman feel attractive, desired, and self-assured. But it’s crucial to remember that different body shapes have different attributes that should be emphasized. Therefore, it is also necessary to pose everyone differently.

We all fight with perfectionism, but the truth is that we’re most seductive when we’re not trying to be perfect. Start concentrating on what is in front of you when you see yourself backing away or getting nervous. Take note of the surroundings, the lighting, your attire, etc. The more you can focus on being in the moment rather than constantly evaluating yourself, the more confident and authentic you’ll appear in your images.

People are discussing and paying attention to body image, self-esteem, and confidence more and more. Women of all sizes are discovering how to accept the physical forms given at birth rather than trying to change themselves into what society views as “beautiful.”

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