How to Incorporate your Partner’s Interests in your Boudoir Session

A boudoir photographer can capture an intimate connection between you and your spouse, whether it’s the way he looks at you, the way you kiss, or something else. It would be exquisite if his interest were to be incorporated into your sexy boudoir photography.

Need assistance organizing your boudoir photography? Here are some suggestions from me on how to incorporate your partner’s interests as part of a truly unique photo shoot:


Try to bring up your partner’s love of his profession during your session. If he is in the military, consider wearing his uniform shirt or dog tags.

If he’s a doctor, consider wearing his lab coat or dressing as a nurse. If he’s a firefighter, bring his boots and helmet. If he’s a businessman, bring a loose button-down shirt, tie, and briefcase. These are a few ideas for how to incorporate your partner into your boudoir photography.


He appreciates certain qualities about you. He might adore your sass, playful nature, shyness, or sweetness and these qualities can be highlighted in your session. Does he enjoy seeing you wearing his clothes? Bring some with you for a more customized touch.

Relationships are strengthened when we genuinely care for our partner’s wishes; sometimes, these little things create new wonders and changes in our relationships.

Try surprising him with something he’ll love.


If he’s a huge Star Wars fan you could dress like Princess Leia in a gold bikini. If he likes Batman, you could include some props for Catwoman or Batgirl. 


What hobbies does your partner enjoy? Does he read comic books, play the guitar, or paint? Bring objects or props related to his passions. Does he have a rural upbringing? Bring boots and a cowboy hat. Does he enjoy building things? Bring his tool belt and hard hat.
It’s time to incorporate the objects he is passionate about into your boudoir photography.


If your man enjoys sports,  bring some sporting goods. such as a ball, mitt, club, bat, or jersey of your favorite player or team and let’s make fun pictures with those props.
This type of boudoir photography is all about grasping or incorporating your partner’s interests into your sexy boudoir photoshoot. It will be a wonderful gesture of showing your love toward him.


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