Loving Your Body & Quitting the Comparison Game

Something happens at almost every boudoir photography session I shoot. Many of my clients — no matter how beautiful — say something negative about themselves at some point in the process. Even though I understand why it happens (hello marketing and social media), it bums me out every time. We want you to accept yourself and honor your body as it is! 


The imagery that surrounds people on a daily basis—whether it comes from media outlets, social networks, or pop culture—can cause us to doubt our own worth and beauty. Happiness does not result from comparing oneself to others or from wanting to alter one’s physical characteristics in order to meet unachievable beauty standards because it will only lead you toward an inferiority complex and insecurities.


Accepting all of our flaws is the key to developing good connections with our bodies. The philosophy of neutrality opposes the notion of “ideal” bodies and instead emphasizes the celebration of diverse body types, gender identities, and physical characteristics. For us, this entails capturing bodies in their unaltered natural condition and basing our photography on celebrating the variety of our shared human experiences.

Body Neutrality and Positivity are elements of our approach to boudoir, which we have found to be helpful in navigating the always shifting environment. At the end of the day, our main goal is to make you happy with your shoot while also attempting to improve your self-image and strive for you to accept your imperfections.


Everybody is different. Thus, every person’s representation of self-love is unique as well. This makes each session fascinating for both the participants and us because we get to learn so much with each shoot we perform. We hope that your boudoir photographer can make you feel confident and beautiful when the time comes to schedule your own boudoir session, whether you’re trying to explore body positivity, neutrality, or a combination of the two.


This is simply a reminder that while you can probably rock a pose, you might not look exactly the same in the finished photo, and that’s okay. I talk a lot about our bodies, self-love, and body neutrality. You might even look better now! It doesn’t matter if you have a little more cellulite or some jiggly areas.

Additionally, because everyone moves, bends, and has varying degrees of flexibility, your pictures won’t wind up looking exactly like anyone else’s. You shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else because this is YOUR photo shoot, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  You are completely unique and you are incomparable. 

Everyone is fighting their own struggles, and  everybody is a warrior in their own way.So why not to capture it with Boudoir photography.


I’m inviting you to put an end to the body comparison game and try your hardest to treat yourself well. Your body is incredible, you are stunning, and there’s not a single person like you, so what’s the point of comparing in the first place? Starting today, take five minutes every day to write down one thing, something positive about your physical self, and one thing positive about your non-physical self. It takes work to build ourselves up and quit the comparison game, but it can be done and is incredibly transformative!

The nicest part of being a boudoir photographer is getting to know people from all different backgrounds and seeing them leave our shoots with a boost in self-esteem and a little extra swagger in their step. Even though it’s fantastic to have lovely pictures of yourself that you adore, such pictures are actually just the cherry on top.  Boudoir photography is about you discovering self-love, enhancing body confidence, developing your sense of self, and feeling confident in your femininity and attractiveness.

Casa Bay Photography’s goal in editing has always been to make you look like the authentic version of yourself with a little more polish. For instance, we may softly whiten teeth, smooth out some smudged makeup, or brush out blemishes, but we’ll keep moles, tiny scars, or other distinguishing physical characteristics.

Come and have a memorable experience with us.

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