Loving Your Curves During a Boudoir Session

We’re often asked, “should I bother with an erotic boudoir photography session if I’m plus-sized or curvy?” This is an understandable question because the media and advertisements are constantly projecting “ideal” images onto women. Our response is, “Yes! Yes you should!”

We honor every body type. Every unique body is beautiful. We encourage women to accept and embrace their body as is. Here are some tips to help you love your curves and give yourself the gift of a boudoir photography session. 


The most attractive women are those who are content with who they are. We want to encourage you to embrace your curves! It’s natural to have insecurities. We all have flaws – no body is “perfect.” It’s our desire to help you appreciate and love your body as it is now – flaws and all. Before we even photograph you, we seek to understand your specific insecurities and what you love most about your body so we can help you accentuate your favorite parts. 

We use lighting and poses to create the feeling you want and so you feel confident in your own skin. Although it’s acceptable and common for us all to have concerns and self-perceived defects, I have yet to have a woman leave a session with me feeling anything other than more grateful for every part of herself. Your size is impertinent when it comes to posing and accentuating your body in the most attractive way.

Think of a seductive boudoir photography session with me as a chance to appreciate every body contour. An opportunity to flaunt your physique in something sexy and alluring. An opportunity to feel confident in your own skin.


In boudoir photography, we showcase your own particular attractiveness. No matter your size, we want to help you embrace your natural body shape and flaunt your curves. Your body is perfect and beautiful as it is. Curvy boudoir photography is distinctive and special because it helps you showcase your body in a way that helps you feel more confident and sexy. 

Every female body is naturally beautiful, no matter the body type. Our message is to accept your silhouette for what it is. No one has “the perfect” body but every body is perfect as it is. Your confidence and inner beauty is the best way to diminish any  blemishes and imperfections. 

It’s crucial to realize that boudoir photography is mostly about showcasing your own particular attractiveness. No matter your size—size 2 or size 22—there is no “correct” way to appear in boudoir pictures. A lot of women adore the concept of embracing their curves and showcasing their bodies in new ways through boudoir photography. Curvy boudoir photography is distinctive and special in several ways. First off, a professional photographer will be able to advise you on how to pose so that your curves are highlighted without sacrificing your sense of style or femininity.

3. EMBRACE YOURSELF WITH CONFIDENCE. Casa Bay Photography gives you an opportunity to know yourself deeper as you come to accept yourself with all your imperfections and embrace your curves. We want you to celebrate your individual beauty through boudoir photography. We will work with you to create the experience you desire and present you with stunning, sensuous, flattering pictures. 

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