Preparing for your boudoir session

It takes time to learn to appreciate your beauty in its most unaltered form. Having said that, each person has a personal taste for how they want their body to appear and feel so that they can see themselves in the best possible light. 

The main goals of a boudoir session are to feel pampered and confident and to perceive yourself in a whole new way. Does this feel both thrilling and nerve-wracking at the same time?

Well, sweetie, don’t worry. I’m delighted to provide you with an overview of how to prepare for your Boudoir session.

Clean your nails / Have a manicure 

Take care of your fingernails and toenails! Many close-up shots will show your hands and you don’t want your half-broken nails and chipped nail polish to draw attention to themselves.

Clean the soles of your feet / Have a pedicure 

I know it’s not appealing, but some of your images will show your feet – especially the ones that emphasize your lovely bum! You don’t want to have dark, dirty feet from being barefoot, I assure you!  Give your feet some love –  use either a bar of soap or a baby wipe to ensure they are clean and check for any dry skin that may need to be sloughed off, too…

Touch up your eyebrows.

More power to you, sweetheart, if you want natural eyebrows and don’t want to pluck, wax, thread, or do anything else. However, if you enjoy having those pesky boys shaped and nurtured, you should get it done at least a day or two before your empowerment/boudoir picture.

To avoid becoming red or puffy, do any waxing or threading at least 3-5 days before your boudoir session.

Wax your body one week before your boudoir session

If you opt to get a wax, get it done a few days prior to your photoshoot to eliminate any potential redness or lumps. Your brows are included in this as well.

Finalize your outfit choices

Your own closet is the ideal starting point for shopping. If you wanted to appear and feel your best, what would you wear? You may also want to explore something new.  Visit the stores with a trustworthy, stylish companion.  Choose clothing and undergarments that enhance your body, give you self-assurance, and make you feel really seductive. A tight white t-shirt and a pair of cotton pants can sometimes be much hotter than the hottest lingerie! Make sure you choose something that feels like you, whatever you decide to wear! 

Don’t wear tight clothes before the day of your boudoir session.

Please, just trust me on this one. You WILL have lines on your body if you wear restrictive apparel before your session! I once worked with a girl who had lines all over her bottom. To remove them from each booty picture required hours of editing. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing before and on the day of your boudoir session or empowerment session to save this extra editing time.

Keep yourself hydrated 

We should all be drinking a lot of water every day, but sometimes we’re just too busy or distracted by life to remember. However, drinking water has a lot of advantages and can significantly alter how you appear in photographs. Drinking water before your boudoir session will give you gorgeous, dewy skin. Although it may seem contradictory, drinking enough water can really help keep bloating under control since it naturally empties our systems of any excess water and sodium we may retain.

Avoid foods that contain dyes the day before and the day of your boudoir session.

Actually, this is a massive one. Orange and red foods, in particular, may stain your mouth and may look a little off in your final photos.  Avoid pasta, deep-dyed candies, colored drinks without straws, etc.

Eat a good breakfast.

It is a myth that skipping breakfast can help you look slimmer in your boudoir session. Eat something before your session, please. If you don’t, you can experience nausea and dizziness throughout your session.  You be moving about and holding poses during your shoot and we want you to have enough stamina to get you through your whole session. 

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