Should You Purchase a Boudoir Book or Album?

It’s a big thing to do a boudoir photography session. If you’re like many of my other clients, you probably debated having a session for a while before deciding to go forward with it, which undoubtedly gave you a few butterflies. I am also aware that the entire procedure requires an investment of your time, money, emotions, and energy.

Erotic boudoir photography is an experience that leaves you with some pretty amazing photographs of yourself. These images are a wonderful gift to yourself, that you can also choose to share with others.

Boudoir photo books and albums can help with that. When you compile your favorite images in an album, you or your partner can view them at any time. 

Our boudoir albums are more than just a collection of pictures. They are meticulously and intelligently created to use your favorite pictures from the session to tell a story about you and reflect your confidence and your inner and outer beauty. We frequently offer the option to add text to make each one unique, and for an exceptional finish, we only use the finest paper, covers, and binding. 


How To Make A Boudoir Photo Book

Are you prepared to create a BEAUTIFUL boudoir photo album that will leave your companion speechless?

It’s become common practice for brides to put together a seductive boudoir book to give to their spouse on their wedding day, but boudoir books also make the ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day! A Boudoir Photography Book makes a thoughtful present at any time of year! We want to make sure that your boudoir images are shown in the most attractive manner possible, regardless of the occasion. We recognize the time and effort you invested in organizing your boudoir photo shoot, hiring a professional hair and makeup artist, and purchasing some sexy new underwear. Let us work with you to ensure that your Boudoir Book is as stunning as YOU!

Formats We Suggest For Boudoir Books

For boudoir-style photography books, the majority of buyers select the professional grade Layflat or Flush Mount Album. These books will WOW you with the finest image quality, paper weight, and panoramic spreads! Page spreads have a very slight mico-fold down the middle, allowing them to lay fully flat. It is, therefore, ideal for those striking centerfold spreads! The pages in the Layflat book are a dime thick, whereas the pages in the Flush Mount album are a quarter thick.

We  understand that the budget is a key consideration. Our recommendation is to choose a smaller book of greater quality. As an alternative, we provide softcover and hardback picture books.

Which Book Size Is Best?

We frequently get asked how many pages and in what size a boudoir book should be. The 66 and 88 size volumes are good choices for storing a book in a bag or on a nightstand. The 1010 or 1212 are excellent options if you want to make a bigger impression and provide an amazing present. A book that is 8.5 by 11 inches in portrait orientation may be the ideal option if you have a lot of vertical or portrait photos. 

Most of the boudoir books we print are square 10 – 20 spreads (20 to 40 pages) (20 to 40 pages). Your book will need more pages the more photographs you have. Remember that an excellent boudoir book design shouldn’t resemble a picture collage. You want the pictures to be simple and uncluttered so they can stand on their own. With the understanding that certain spreads may have more or fewer, plan on using 3 to 4 photographs per spread.

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