Skip Social Media Before Your Boudoir Photography Session

I get what you’re doing running off to Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to look through boudoir images before your upcoming session. You’re looking for inspiration, posing examples, and maybe even trying to pump yourself up for the shoot. But you know how searching your health symptoms on Google can leave you feeling overwhelmed and convinced you’ve contracted one of the world’s rarest diseases? Before your boudoir photography session, getting lost in social media can have a similar impact.

Below are three reasons why going overboard on the old image search might not be so wise: 

  1. Every photographer’s style is different. Usually, when clients search through images, they’ll send their favorites my way. I’m OK with taking a bit of inspiration from another creative, but each photographer has their style and tends to stick with that approach. Choose a Boudoir photographer whose style you love; don’t expect them to bend too much to suit the tone of another photographer.
  2. It can lower your confidence. Looking at many images of other women leads to an awful game of self-comparison. 
  3. You’re better off trying on lingerie in person. While you can get some outfit inspiration for your erotic boudoir photography, it’s better to try things on in person to see what makes you feel and look your best. You can also ask your boudoir photographer for some help with that! 
  4. It can be a time-suck. In other words, you can end up spiraling into a deep dark hole. At best, you’ve lost a lot of time; at worst, you feel insecure, more nervous, or unsure of yourself.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography includes intimate, seductive, romantic, and occasionally erotic photos in a studio, bedroom, or private dressing room. These images are generally taken for the subjects’ and/or their partners’ pleasure.

Boudoir describes photography where ladies are photographed in lingerie or only partially clothed. The pictures are tasteful, and most nudity is hinted at rather than outright. They are both refined and elegant, as well as seductive and sexy.

Get Ready For Your Boudoir Photography Session!

I am frequently asked what the best outfits for a boudoir photography shoot are. So, here are three questions to consider:

  1. Does it feel true to you?
  2. Do you love how you look in it?
  3. Does it highlight your favorite assets?

First off, seductive and erotic boudoir photography sometimes requires minimal clothing. Some clients prefer to dress in button-down shirts and jeans! Lingerie, clothing, or suggested nudity can all be seductive. The woman picks the outfits of their own choice for bridal boudoir photography.

Start here.

Starting with a cocktail dressing style or a lovely fitting dress is one easy and intelligent idea. Starting your session with a few “clothed” photos is entertaining and a terrific way to “ease” into your boudoir photography session and feel comfortable with taking pictures before you have to start baring all. These photos are great to share digitally and in print.

Fitted Clothing

Choose fitted clothes that highlight your shape and embrace your contours, particularly on the top half of your body. As long as your top is fitted, flowing skirts are stunning. Avoid wearing anything with batwing or dolman sleeves, as they will not look slimming on camera.

Bra Sets

The “must-have” boudoir clothing for any session is probably bra sets. Leave your t-shirt and other casual bras at home and choose lacy instead. Bring your favorites or purchase a new item.

Bra Tips For Bridal Boudoir Photography: Look for a bra with lace across the top of the cup if you are a B or smaller. You can attach the lace. In erotic photographs, it will make you appear one size larger.

Curves for days?

The bodysuit is one of our favorite outfits! Why? They hug your body, are form-fitting, and look fantastic on everyone! A high-waisted garter belt or panty, and a retro slip cut on the bias, can help you keep those curves coming! There are different styles and cuts.

Have a look in your Closet!

Look in your closet for a lace or see-through blouse, a vest or sleeveless sweater, or a soft jumper you can slide off your shoulders. In Bridal Boudoir Photography, any distinctive or cropped tops look nice with pants.

Red is the new black!

Many women arrive at their Boudoir Photography session wearing nearly all-black, lovely, flattering underwear. But I must say RED is always quite seductive. Try it!! Bring some color!

Prepare Yourself (Boudoir Photography Tips)

  • Exfoliate, moisturize, shave, or wax your body to give it a healthy glow before Boudoir Photography.
  • Get plenty of rest and hydrate yourself in the days before your shoot.
  • Do trims and touch-ups to hair color at least a week before your boudoir-style photography appointment.
  • We recommend leaving the tags on your lingerie so you don’t inadvertently make holes. Let us help you take the tags off your lingerie and underwear when you arrive for your session.
  • Mani-Pedi. Please do it. You won’t regret getting your nails done before your shot.
  • Deodorant. Check to see whether there is any deodorant residue under your arms.
  • Limit your sunbathing time.
  • Wear no body powder, bronzer, or cosmetics on your body.
  • Please come with clean, dry hair and a fresh-faced appearance. Your makeup artist will handle the rest for erotic boudoir photography.

Suggested Items To Consider For Bridal Boudoir Photography

  • Your preferred seductive outfit (or two) for perfect or sexy Bridal Boudoir Photography
  • Shoes, including booties, boots, and high heels (brand new or barely worn – no dirty bottoms)
  • Jeans are the best for enhancing the appearance of your butt and legs.
  • Shirt with buttons (maybe an oversized men’s shirt); think sexy with an off-the-shoulder shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt!
  • A jean jacket, a leather jacket, or a fitted blazer
  • SEXY nightgowns, nighties, and robes
  • Fishnet stockings, a garter belt pair, and bulky and delicate jewelry, among other accessories
  • Objects and accessories that have particular importance for you during your Boudoir Photography
  • Everything LACE!!!! 

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