The Biggest Mistakes People Make Before Their Boudoir Session

You have every right to feel anxious and uncertain about what to expect, because you’re putting yourself out there. I promise to make sure that you feel beautiful before, during, and after the session; as well as to make sure you look amazing in your boudoir photos!

In order for your upcoming boudoir photography session to go smoothly, I thought it would be beneficial to discuss some of the most common mistakes that clients make so that you can avoid them.


We understand that you are anticipating your big day and that you might be both anxious and eager. You might be tempted to relax by having a few drinks. However, in professional photography, alcohol is highly noticeable; your stance may appear uncomfortable or unnatural, and your eyes may become shiny or bloodshot. But most importantly, if you drink any alcohol, your face WILL get red, and I can’t edit that out. Sloppy isn’t cute, darling. So don’t drink, or it may ruin your big day.


Don’t starve yourself the day of (or in the days preceding) the shoot, because you need food to maintain your physical and mental vigor. Eat plenty of whole, healthy foods in moderation. Avoid going on a crash diet the day of your shoot. Believe me when I say that starving yourself or going without food the day of your shoot will only work against you.  


For the Boudoir photo shoot, wearing the correct clothing and having the right cosmetics done are equally important. However, a lot of women choose to ignore having their makeup done by experts and instead concentrate on their clothing and accessories. In a Boudoir shoot, makeup is crucial since it unifies the entire aesthetic. It aids in giving you the seductive appearance you want to have in the photographs. Therefore, if your preferred Boudoir studio gives the option of getting your makeup done, take advantage of it or find an alternative.


It’s fine to get some inspiration online, but try not to get sucked into the pit of self-criticism. Years of boudoir photography have taught me to let go, which is often difficult to accomplish. Even when you have a concept for the ideal shot, it might not work out. Even if it might not turn out exactly how you expected, we will obtain the shot you want. For boudoir photo shoots to be successful, flexibility is crucial. 


This almost always occurs with each session, and it can be discouraging to hear a client criticize their body so much. It could range anywhere from “I’m sorry I didn’t get something that fits perfectly,” or “Can you make me look skinnier?,” to “I hate my thighs!” I am aware that our culture pressures us into accepting certain beauty standards, but I challenge you to think and speak only positively about your body before, during, and after your session.


I love it when shy people want to participate in a boudoir photography session. Most people find it liberating, but those who are used to hiding in the shadows find it especially so. The difficulty is with keeping a steady line of communication. What are you seeking to accomplish with your shoot? It’s the only way I can make sure you get the photographs you want from my services. Even though we may spend only a few hours together, we develop a relationship throughout that time. Tell me what you actually want, as if I were an old friend.

I sincerely hope these tips will help you get ready for your upcoming boudoir session! Before, during, and after a boudoir session, it’s important to take care of your body and get plenty of rest!

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