Tips to Rock Your Boudoir Photography Session

Here are some helpful tips and techniques you can use during your boudoir session. Trying out various positions and ideas will help you get into a beautiful flow and set you on the path to incorporating more and more originality into each session, which benefits both clients and photographers.

Select Your Outfits

Be willing to try a variety of outfits. Consider bra and pantie sets, garter belts and stockings, body suits, lingerie, and favorite clothes that make you feel sexy and confident. 

Try on all of your wardrobe choices in advance

Ensure everything fits correctly, feels good on your skin, and suits your style. Make sure you love the color and feel good in it, too.

Get or Give Yourself a Manicure

Remove any chipped or peeling nail polish. Nails look great in soft blush, french manicures, and natural colors. Avoid bright nails and busy patterns. 

Self Grooming

Be sure to do any waxing or shaving before the day of your shoot to avoid redness or irritation of the skin. Consider exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. 

Avoid Tanning 

Please avoid tanning or spray tanning before your shoot. Spray tans may appear orange on camera and will require extra editing time. 

Avoid Changing Your Hairstyle

Avoid drastically changing your hair color or hairstyle the week of your photoshoot. Anything drastic should be saved for after your boudoir photoshoot.

Clean and dry hair 

Come to your boudoir shoot with freshly washed, dry hair and a clean face. Be willing to experiment during your shoot, but most of all, enjoy it! This is your day and we want you to feel AMAZING! We will make suggestions, but want you to tell us what you are not comfortable with. 


Every person has a unique story to share, and boudoir photography may help them do just that. Sometimes a client wants nude images taken of their body to capture their physique before/during/after pregnancy, before/after a mastectomy, before/after tattoos, before/after weight gain/loss, or just so they may look back on today’s photos in the future and think, “Damn I was hot!”

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