What’s Boudoir Photography? I’ll Explain.

Boudoir photography has been an artform since literally the invention of cameras. Still, there’s a bit of confusion surrounding the topic, so I wanted to take a second to dispel some myths and tell you exactly what boudoir photography is. In short: it’s a series of tasteful, artful sensual images — usually of a woman, but sometimes of a couple or even a man. 

Different forms of boudoir photography exist both in terms of style/approach and level of nudity. As is the case with any photography, it’s important to seek a photographer whose style matches with your personal aesthetic. For example, some specialize is high contrast black and whites, others prefer a moody editing style, and some take a bright light and color-dense approach. 

Most boudoir photographers leave it to the client to decide how much skin is exposed during the session. Some clients are OK baring all, and the images are shot in a way that’s creative, classy, and genuinely artful. Other clients prefer to do a lingerie session which can be just as provocative and sensual. Others yet prefer to go a flirty, less exposed route — maybe they wear an oversized sweater, a sports jersey, or her partner’s shirt. Boudoir photography runs the gamut and creating a customized experience with your photographer is part of the fun!

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