Why Do You Charge So Much for Boudoir Photography?

As a boudoir photographer, I often get asked why I charge so much for boudoir photography. It’s a fair question, and we all have similar thoughts any time we’re about to spend a decent chunk of change on anything. I figured I’d take the time to explain why I charge what I do and what goes into the total cost.

Editing and storing process of erotic boudoir photos

There are a few things to consider when pricing boudoir sessions. The first is the editing and storing process. I edit my pictures on a high-end computer with the best software possible. It takes hours of work to get these photos just right, and they need to be backed up in an external hard drive in case anything happens.

The images are sensitive. You want to entrust someone who is not only wholly professional and makes you feel 100% comfortable in this intimate setting but who you know will handle your images carefully throughout the editing and saving process. 

Cost of a Small team of people who help in the Boudoir Session

The cost includes a small team of people who help make you look beautiful on the day of the shoot such as a wardrobe consultation and an on-site makeup artist and hair stylist.

Boudoir Photography equipment and skills

Equipment is not cheap, my friend. I’ll spare you all the numbers, but my arsenal cost hovers in the five-figure range. 

There’s also a lot of behind-the-scenes work you may not realize is happening. I spend time researching the latest photography techniques, looking through images from my shoot to select the best ones, and then editing the photographs. The time I spend doing these things surpasses our time at the actual shoot, but it ensures an excellent finished product.

Experience and professional expertise

It took time to learn this art. The cost of my sessions isn’t just for the time we’re spending together; you’re paying for all the years of experience that got me to where I am today. The photos you’re seeing are the result of years of professional expertise.

Plus, photography is one of those artistic pursuits that, over time, gets easier and more natural. With every year, I have more knowledge and experience under my belt. That’s why it makes sense to charge what I do for boudoir photography: experience charges are high when you consider how long it took me to get here, and boudoir photography reflects all that experience.

Final Thoughts:

The short answer to why I charge so much for sexy boudoir photography is my industry experience, passion, and the level of care I provide to each client during their session. I genuinely want my clients to feel confident, beautiful, and powerful after their session—I want them to know how gorgeous they are, inside and out!

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