Your Boudoir Session Checklist

You’ve probably scoured the internet for tips about doing a boudoir session. You’ve looked for the ultimate boudoir checklist to make sure you’re ready for your big day, but all your searching has left you even more bewildered.

Boudoir photography is for every body, every woman, and is all about self-love and body positivity. You want to feel confident, audacious, and most importantly, powerful.

The following tips will help you prepare – right up to those final moments before your session.

1) Don’t book your boudoir photoshoot during menstruation 

We tend to retain water for about 5 days before and throughout our cycle, which makes us feel sluggish and bloated. I advise scheduling your boudoir photography around such times.

2) Pamper yourself like never before

Utilize your session as a justification for some “me time.” Get a mani and pedi, try some face masks, and take a detox bath! Use your preferred moisturizer before your appointment to make your skin even more dazzling in your boudoir photography.

3) Try your new outfits before going for a boudoir session

Try on your clothes before your erotic boudoir photography session. You’ll feel more at ease the day of the session the more at ease you are in your clothes! Each time you put one on, compliment yourself on how great you look and point out your best physical attribute.

 4) Take care of your skin 

Your daily regimen MUST include brushing your skin. It aids in the removal of dead skin cells from the skin, leaving it smoother and younger-looking. Additionally, it improves detoxification and reduces cellulite, giving you the GLOWING appearance for your boudoir photography.

5) Empower yourself before going for a boudoir session

It’s normal to feel anxious before your session, and I’ve discovered that repeating an encouraging or uplifting phrase is one of the best ways to get yourself going! Sayings like “I’m sexy, and I know it!” or “I’m thankful for everything about me,” or “I’m kind to myself today and always” are examples of affirmations.

6): Make Yourself a Fun Playlist

You can really get ready for a killer session with some awesome music. On the day of your boudoir photography, listen to your favorite playlist. Upbeat music may be helpful to keep your energy levels high. It’s incredibly sexy and will set the mood!

7) Eat a delicious meal before your boudoir photography session

I can’t emphasize this enough! Many of my clients have confided in me that they haven’t eaten all day. Please eat before your appointment; I don’t want anyone passing out! Simply stay away from any foods that make you feel bloated or sluggish.  Additionally, avoid making any extreme changes, such as a cleanse, as this may make you feel dizzy and dehydrated during your session. 

8) Let go of shame

Based on my experience photographing hundreds of women, I can say with confidence that the likelihood is high that you experienced gender-based guilt as a child. Maybe you were told you needed to be little, modest, submissive, attractive, and skinny. “Fuck that,” I say. You are ideal just as you are. 

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