Ensure you are ready for your branding photos/headshots

Whether you are coming in for simple headshots or we are working with you for a full branding session, we look forward to working with you to create some amazing images!

Planning What to Wear and Choosing What to Bring

Here are some tips to help you choose your outfits, accessories, and props:

  • Before your session, consider how you plan to use your images.
    • Will you use them on your website? In your social media posts? Will you use them for print materials?
    • Do you need a variety of portrait and landscape?
    • Do you need some off-center photos so you can place text alongside the photo?
    • Use these questions to generate a list of any specific photos you want to ensure we capture.
  • Choose industry-appropriate attire to match the kind of brand image you want to reflect in your photos.
    • What do you want to communicate through your photos?
    • What words describe your brand or personality and how can you portray these concepts in your clothing choices?
    • How do you want to appear to potential clients? Professional? Approachable? Friendly? Casual? Confident?
    • Use these questions to inform your outfit choices.
  • Bring up to two different outfits to your session:
    • What do you already have in your closet that you feel confident in and that feels good on you?
    • What kinds of clothes best reflect your personality and/or the personality of your business?
    • Bring clothes you wear on a daily basis when performing your work, so you look the same as you do when you show up with your clients.
    • You may also want to bring an outfit you’d wear if you had an important meeting or event and wanted to “dress up” a little bit more. How would you dress to impress in this situation? 
  • Embrace color!
    • Wear a brand color or another color that you feel confident in and know you look good in.
    • Choose colors you like, feel naturally drawn to, and know you look good in.
    • Solids are wonderful choices for headshots and reflect well in photos.
    • While some patterns may work well for photos, avoid overly busy patterns or shirts with big images or logos. Don’t wear anything that will pull attention away from your face and your smile.
  • Wear clothes that fit well.
    • Avoid clothes that are overly tight – you won’t be comfortable and these may bunch up in certain poses.
    • Also avoid clothes that are too loose, baggy, or flowy – because this adds extra bulk in photos.
  • Bring any work-appropriate or job-specific props that you want to incorporate in your photos (laptop? phone? coffee mug? or other job-specific props – for example: a news pro brought her microphone).
  • Your shoes WILL be in some of the photos so be sure to wear shoes you’re proud to show!
  • If you wear jewelry, keep it fairly minimal so that the focus is on you.
  • Wear your hair how you normally wear it; we recommend not getting any new hairstyles or haircuts, or changing your color in the days before your session. Stick with what you’re familiar with so you are happy with the photos!
    • Keep in mind – ponytails may make your hair disappear in photos.
  • In terms of makeup, stay true to how you wear makeup on a daily basis.
    • If you do wear makeup, remember that the camera doesn’t show it well, so you may need to wear a little more than usual.

Multiple outfits create different looks

A variety of poses to reflect your best self

Creative use of props

Embracing color and patterns

It’s okay to wear white

Other ways to prepare for your session

  • Get enough rest the night before your session so you show up feeling refreshed and ready to SMILE!
  • Mentally prepare. Remember why you are doing the session. People want to see YOU, not just stock photos. Professional branding images and headshots are a great way to reflect your personality and the personality of your business.
  • Although nerves are normal, you can relax a bit knowing that we will be here to help you! We give posing guidance throughout the session so you’ll know exactly how to stand and what to do with your hands.
  • On the day of your session, please be sure to come dressed in one of your outfits with your hair, makeup, accessories, and props ready to go. We have limited time available for your session and arriving camera-ready will ensure we make the best use of the time.
  • Finally, and most important – come prepared to have some fun! We want this to be an enjoyable experience for you!
  • If you have any questions not addressed here, please let us know – we are here to help!

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