Baby’s First Year Program

Nothing says love like expecting moms, cuddly little newborns, bouncy baby bundles, and toddlers on the move. Combining the beauty of new life with stunning photography, Casa Bay Photography now offers timeless art and keepsakes from 4 of these special milestone moments in our exclusive Baby’s First Year package. In addition to our custom client […]

Family Studio Photography in Colorado Springs

LET US REFRESH YOUR PHOTO ALBUM Join us for a Family Photo Session at the Casa Bay Photography Studio! Includes: 1 hour of studio photography, extensive coaching, and two professionally retouched images of your choice. Cost: $150 per family. Location: 11 South 25th Street Suite 230, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 Limited Availability: By appointment only. When you’re ready to […]

Sunset Photography Session in Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs

We had a wonderful photo session inside the gates of Kissing Camels! “Weather conditions on that day was slightly overcast, but just perfect!!!” “We are Michael & April Harrington.” “Our favorite family activity is Golfing.” “Maria was just so friendly and nice. You don’t see that a lot these days.” “I’m a guy so I […]

5 Tips On How to Prepare for a Photoshoot with Pets

We love our fur babies, and they love us right back! If you have pets, you know that your family portrait won’t be complete without them. Pets are just as much of our family as people are. So, it is important to treat them the same as any other member of your family and invite […]

Recapturing Love

Remember how many photos you had taken on your wedding day? And then the joy of looking at them and reliving that beautiful celebration? Then came choosing which photos you want in an album, which you should display in your new house with your new partner, and which ones to gift to your parents. All […]

Telling Your Story

Family portraits are about telling your story. Capturing your family in that moment in time to create a lasting keepsake. Whether you take annual photos to watch your family grow over time or you take them every few years, they should be fun and be a reflection of what is most important to you. How […]

Let Kids be Kids

Listen moms, we know the challenges of getting everyone to look in the same direction, at the same time with the same perfect smile. When it does happen, it feels like capturing a unicorn! But why are we searching for such an elusive image? I say, let kids be kids! Let’s stop worrying about capturing […]

Bringing People to the Table

Every family has a story and we love to incorporate that into our artwork. This family’s backyard made for the perfect setting to tell their story and capture them in real life. At one point in time, Thanksgiving provided a need for a larger table to accommodate more guests. So the most acceptable solution was […]

You’d Never Leave Out the Littles, So Don’t Forget the Grands!

The other day, Maria told me, “I saw a picture of my grandpa laughing, and I heard him laugh–I haven’t thought about his laugh in years, and there it was!” I looked at a picture of my own grandma and immediately remembered her beautiful perfume, and how she wore it whether she was out with […]