High School Professional Photo Shoot FAQs

What should I wear? Wear something that makes you feel comfortable! Something that showcases your unique personality and style! Multiple outfit options  What will it cost? How much is it? You can spend as much or as little as you like! Our session start at $350 Our packages start at $1,000 but we have options […]

The Art of Photographing Children

If there is anything I learned in all these years working with children, as a teacher and a photographer, it is that kids don’t like sitting still and following orders. They don’t. Children in general do not enjoy being told what to do… and if you really think about it, neither do adults. An ideal session […]

Children Photowalk in Colorado Springs

CHILDREN PHOTOWALK Bring your children and pack your gear! Join us for a family-friendly Photowalk. Your kids will love it!  Sign up now and join us!  PhotoWalking with Kids “ Once a month, in the spring and summer months, Casa Bay Photography will organize a Children Photowalk in Colorado Springs. This will be like an informal […]

Are professional headshots important for your business?

4 Reasons Professional Headshots Help Your Business Most think that if it’s not a wedding or a maternity shoot, a subpar photographer will do. However, headshots for your company can be one of the most calling situations for a professional photographer. At Casa Bay Photography, we believe that pictures shouldn’t just serve a purpose, but […]

Adorable Sisters Session in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Let me start this post with saying that I have a pretty wonderful job. Being a portrait photographer in Colorado Springs has been such a great experience for me, and I am loving it. Photography has allowed me to meet many great people and it has given me the change to visit gorgeous locations that […]

Senior Pictures: A Look Beyond the Yearbook

Your student’s senior year of high school is the culmination of many years of homework, lunch boxes, heavy backpacks, early mornings, study halls. It’s the last few months they’ll be heading out the door to their neighborhood school, the last year you’ll hear them rattling around before dawn looking for their shoes and bringing friends […]