Why Do You Charge So Much for Photography?

As a boudoir photographer, I often get asked — sometimes not so kindly but mostly out of curiosity — “Hey! Why the heck do you charge so much for taking pictures?” It’s a fair question, really, and we all have similar thoughts any time we’re about to spend a decent chunk of change on anything. I figured […]

Should You Purchase a Boudoir Book or Album?

Having a boudoir session is a really big deal. If you’re like many of my other clients, I know that you probably toyed with the idea of having a session for some time and that making the decision to go for it caused a few butterflies. I also know that you invest money, time, emotion, […]

Rewarding Yourself By Doing A Boudoir When You Hit Your Weight loss Goal

So you finally lost that stubborn belly fat, but how to celebrate if you can’t eat cake? Book a boudoir shoot, that’s what! Here are five reasons why this is an excellent idea: Celebrate your hard work by being pampered. When you first arrive to your session, you will be spoiled by having your hair […]

For the Military Wife — Why Boudoir Images Matter

Some of my most frequent clients are military wives. At first, it took me a second to figure out why this was a trend, but then it all hit me. If you’re a military wife, then consider these six reasons why a boudoir session is a great idea: It reminds your partner how beautiful and […]

Loving Your Curves During a Boudoir Session

One of the most frequently asked questions I get — and it often comes across with a certain level of concern — is whether someone should “bother” with a boudoir session if they’re plus-sized or curvy. I understand that question because we’re all bombarded with a certain type of image in the media and marketing, but […]

Loving Your Body & Quitting the Comparison Game

There is something that happens at almost every boudoir session I shoot, and I bet you could guess what it is within three tries. Many of my clients — no matter how beautiful each and every single one of them is — says something negative about themselves at some point in the process. Even though I […]