Photography can be uncomfortable. We make it fun and you love your photos… It is that simple!

High School Seniors

  • Ballet Fine Art Photography in Shevlin Park. Bend, OregonBallet Fine Art Photography in Shevlin Park. Bend, Oregon
    I have been a part of so many fun photo projects this last year, and I have met so many wonderful people here in Bend. 2017 however, is shaping up to be amazing! This was a wonderful day for a photo shoot and I got to spend it with an amazing group of ladies. They ...

Boudoir Studio

Picking Out Your Boudoir Session Outfits

Trying to figure out what to wear at your boudoir session? We’ve got a few tips to help you out:  1. Wear what makes you feel sexy. Boudoir sessions are all about bringing your sexy side, so if you put something on and you feel uncomfortable, move on to the next option. Consider it sort of like searching for the perfect wedding dress. When you put it on and can’t help but spin in front of the mirror or think, “Heck yes, I’m sexy!” then that is the piece you should wear on shoot day. 2. Consider what he likes, too. Maybe he loves you in the
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Boudoir FAQ Answered:

What type of lingerie should I buy for my session? It is honestly a very personal choice. Start by choosing your favorite color! You want to make sure whatever you buy fits you comfortably, not too tight and not too baggy. If you have areas that you most certainly want to cover, such as your stomach, try high-waists, corsets, or a gown! If you’re going to simply break the ice, bring a button down. This is one way to warm up in front of the camera. Want a boost in your chest? Find a supportive bra and panties to match. The options are endless. Have fun shopping! Does my age or size matter? Beauty comes in all ages and sizes. We welcome thick, thin, young, and old. We encourage you to have this opportunity to experience self-love. Is being stressed normal? How can I calm myself down? Absolutely! Almost everyone is nervous when they decide to do this type of shoot. It is totally expected. My goal is to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere during your session. Let’s turn on your playlist and jam out to your favorite music! Bridal Boudoir
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