Why I Chose to Empower Women Via Boudoir Photography

Some people become doctors, teachers, or politicians, some throw themselves into the world of finance or sales, and some run full steam into the sciences. These practical jobs have their place on this Earth and I’m grateful to every single person who chooses any of the aforementioned career paths (and all the ones I didn’t […]

Why Having Boudoir Pictures of Your Wife is Amazing

In my experience as a boudoir photographer, I’ve run into three different kinds of partners: the type that is over-the-moon gung-ho about having sensual images of their wife, the type who is extremely resistant to the idea, and the type that isn’t quite so sure what to make of it all. If you fall into […]

Why Do You Charge So Much for Photography?

As a boudoir photographer, I often get asked — sometimes not so kindly but mostly out of curiosity — “Hey! Why the heck do you charge so much for taking pictures?” It’s a fair question, really, and we all have similar thoughts any time we’re about to spend a decent chunk of change on anything. I figured […]

What’s Boudoir Photography? I’ll Explain.

Boudoir photography has been an artform since literally the invention of cameras. Still, there’s a bit of confusion surrounding the topic, so I wanted to take a second to dispel some myths and tell you exactly what boudoir photography is. In short: it’s a series of tasteful, artful sensual images — usually of a woman, but […]

Come Join My VIP Boudoir Club

I get a number of questions about my VIP Boudoir club, so I thought I’d take a quick second to give you the run down. My VIP Boudoir club is simply a private closed group (a “club” if you will) that consists of current, past, and future boudoir clients. It’s a safe space for you […]

Should You Purchase a Boudoir Book or Album?

Having a boudoir session is a really big deal. If you’re like many of my other clients, I know that you probably toyed with the idea of having a session for some time and that making the decision to go for it caused a few butterflies. I also know that you invest money, time, emotion, […]

For the Military Wife — Why Boudoir Images Matter

Some of my most frequent clients are military wives. At first, it took me a second to figure out why this was a trend, but then it all hit me. If you’re a military wife, then consider these six reasons why a boudoir session is a great idea:

Loving Your Curves During a Boudoir Session

One of the most frequently asked questions I get — and it often comes across with a certain level of concern — is whether someone should “bother” with a boudoir session if they’re plus-sized or curvy. I understand that question because we’re all bombarded with a certain type of image in the media and marketing, but […]