Loving Your Body & Quitting the Comparison Game

Something happens at almost every boudoir photography session I shoot. Many of my clients — no matter how beautiful — say something negative about themselves at some point in the process. Even though I understand why it happens (hello marketing and social media), it bums me out every time. We want you to accept yourself […]

How to Prepare for Your Couple’s Boudoir Session

Couples boudoir focuses entirely on the relationship the pair has right now. We use the couple’s love, emotions, and feelings to bring them to life on camera. You can do a few things to help you mentally and physically prepare to ensure everything goes well. CREATE ROMANTIC MEMORIES AND CHERISH THEM FOREVER Couples boudoir photography […]

Tips to Rock Your Boudoir Photography Session

Here are some helpful tips and techniques you can use during your boudoir session. Trying out various positions and ideas will help you get into a beautiful flow and set you on the path to incorporating more and more originality into each session, which benefits both clients and photographers. Select Your Outfits Be willing to […]

What is a Couple’s Boudoir Photography Session?

The main goal of couples boudoir photography is to record the sincere, private bond that exists between two love partners. It is an opportunity for couples to honor and celebrate their relationship, commemorate your union, and highlight your chemistry and/or emotional connection.  A couples boudoir session is NOT being photographed having sex with your significant […]

The Biggest Mistakes People Make Before Their Boudoir Session

You have every right to feel anxious and uncertain about what to expect, because you’re putting yourself out there. I promise to make sure that you feel beautiful before, during, and after the session; as well as to make sure you look amazing in your boudoir photos! In order for your upcoming boudoir photography session […]

FAQ About Boudoir Photography

What type of lingerie should I buy for my boudoir photography session? This is a pretty subjective decision. Pick your preferred color first! Make sure anything you purchase is a comfortable fit for you—not too tight or too baggy. Try high waists, corsets, or a gown if you have parts you want to conceal, like […]

Your Boudoir Session Checklist

You’ve probably scoured the internet for tips about doing a boudoir session. You’ve looked for the ultimate boudoir checklist to make sure you’re ready for your big day, but all your searching has left you even more bewildered. Boudoir photography is for every body, every woman, and is all about self-love and body positivity. You […]

Will My Erotic Boudoir Photography Images Be Posted Online?

One question I’m often asked about boudoir photography is, “Will my photos appear on your website or social media?” I do not share your photos without your consent, and a significant portion of my clients choose to keep their session photos private. The photographs you see on my website or social media accounts are of […]

Benefits of Professional Hair and Makeup for Your Boudoir Session

You may be questioning whether the cost of a professional hair and makeup artist is worth it. We highly recommend splurging on these two things, and here’s why:  A PROFESSIONAL MAKEOVER WILL BOOST UP YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE Only a small percentage of women can state that they have complete faith in their own ability to […]

Preparing for your boudoir session

It takes time to learn to appreciate your beauty in its most unaltered form. Having said that, each person has a personal taste for how they want their body to appear and feel so that they can see themselves in the best possible light.  The main goals of a boudoir session are to feel pampered […]