Loving Your Body & Quitting the Comparison Game

There is something that happens at almost every boudoir session I shoot, and I bet you could guess what it is within three tries. Many of my clients — no matter how beautiful each and every single one of them is — says something negative about themselves at some point in the process. Even though I […]

How to Prepare for Your Couple’s Boudoir Session

If you’ve opted for a couple’s boudoir photography session, there are a few things you can do that’ll help you mentally and physically prepare in order to ensure all goes well. Heed the following advice and you’ll be golden! Ask Your Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions throughout the process. I’m always an email, phone […]

What is a Couple’s Boudoir Photography Session?

When you think about boudoir sessions, what usually comes to mind is one woman in a sexy garment in a beautiful setting. Couple’s boudoir photography — which is essentially the same only it involves two people — is less common. For some, though, it’s the preferred option over a traditional boudoir session. If you’re trying […]

The Biggest Mistakes People Make Before Their Boudoir Session

Trust me — I totally understand that baring all (quite literally) in front of a stranger is not exactly the easiest thing to do. You’re putting yourself out there, and you have every single reason to feel a little bit nervous or unsure about what to expect. I promise you, though, that I’m going to make […]

Boudoir FAQ Answered:

What type of lingerie should I buy for my session? It is honestly a very personal choice. Start by choosing your favorite color! You want to make sure whatever you buy fits you comfortably, not too tight and not too baggy. If you have areas that you most certainly want to cover, such as your […]

Your (Final Moments) Boudoir Session Checklist

Gearing up for a boudoir session? Girl, I’ve got you covered! I know you’ve already got your outfit planned and your makeup inspiration look pulled, but have you checked off these boxes? 1) Make Yourself a Fun Playlist: GreCome Up with an Empowering Mantra: Having the nervous jitters before your shoot is completely normal, but […]

Will My Boudoir Images Be Posted Online?

A common question I’m asked about my boudoir photography is whether a client’s images are going to end up on my website or on social media. That makes sense because I have images of other clients on these outlets, but the only images you’re seeing are from women who decided they were 100% OK with […]

Benefits of Professional Hair and Makeup for Your Boudoir Session

You may be questioning whether the cost of a professional hair and makeup artist is worth it. We highly recommend splurging on these two things, and here’s why:  1. You’re going to feel amazing with that fabulous hair and flawless face. Trust us. And you better believe that feeling of confidence will totally show in […]

Preparing for your boudoir session

Choose your Wardrobe – Lingerie is great, but you don’t have wear it if you don’t want to. A button down shirt, sports jersey, oversized sweater, or tight shirt and booty shorts are great alternatives. Be sure to try on your outfit(s) prior to your session to ensure everything fits properly. Don’t Forget Accessories – […]